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We travel the world to tell the stories you should know, so together we can work on the solution to our world’s problems. Become part of our community and we will build a movement that nobody can ignore and work together towards a better world. You can start by changing your own behavior. Look at our videos and you’ll know why!

After all... It’s YOUR Future!

Now you can be a part of the solution!

The DuGut app will allow you to take real action for the cause that you care about-all from your smartphone for free.

All you have to do, is to engage with an issue, sponsored by a brand. They will reward you with a micro-action!


You can learn, by watching engaging and fun content, playing casual games, and rallying your social media friends to join you for your cause.

Make a real, positive change in the world.

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About The Foundation

The DuGut Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) with the sole purpose to educate conscious consumers inspire them to be more responsible and drive them to take real-life sustainable actions.




By creating the DuGut Foundation we started to attract a lot of young volunteers from around the world (mostly 20-25). These young talented content creators are all passionate about sustainability and are producing quality and sharable content for us.

To support what the UN calls, the Decade of Action, the DuGut Foundation stimulates mainly the newer generations to learn about the SDGs and why they are important in an engaging and fun way. These engagements lead directly to Real Life Sustainable Actions, free of charge.

The DuGut Foundation is currently running a social impact campaign to engage the younger generations with a positive message, so they can learn about our problems and solutions and ultimately take sustainable Micro Actions, such as planting a tree, feeding a kid, or cleaning up 1 meter of plastic, etc..

Volunteer Vacancies:

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than you...

Become part of our existing DuGut team! The DuGut Foundation is currently running a Global non-profit campaign to stimulate people to learn about our most pressing issues with the purpose to take Real Life Micro Actions on a global scale. The DuGut Foundation has many volunteering positions available, no matter where your are in the world:

  • - Organization and Traffic
  • - Social Media Country Manager
  • - Film and Photography
  • - Editing
  • - Graphic Design


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We are always looking for new DuGut Team Members on all levels. From Executives to to entry Level, internships and Volunteers.

Checkout where we are currently looking for:

Internships (Porto Portugal):

  • - Social Media Country Managers
  • - Content Creators Film
  • - Content Creators Post-Production
  • - Content Creators Graphic Design
  • - Vloggers
  • - Social Media Managers
  • - Production coordinators

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DuGut Social Media Community

Join our community on facebook, instagram and twitter and help us grow the DuGut Movement!

Take Action Now!

Did you know, you can take Real Sustainable Micro Actions right now! With WEDuGut, https://wedugut.com you can take Real Sustainable Micro Actions such as cleaning up plastic waste, planting a tree, feeding a kid in need for a day, adopting an animal or just teaching school kids about sustainability etc.

The WEDuGut web app is fun, you can learn about the SDGs, our problems, but also solutions and innovations, all by reading and viewing facts and tips, playing Mini-Games, watching cool videos, joining in on the conversation, and rallying your friends to take action with you!

You need to know as well that you can do it absolutely for free! All you have to do is to engage with a Micro Action that is sponsored by a brand, and you will be rewarded with that action.

Give it a try and Do Good with WEDuGut! It’s Your Future!

Key App Features!

Discover more about our most pressing issues

The DuGut Web App will allow you to learn about the most important issues we face today and in the future. When you use the Web App, you'll understand more about climate change, plastic waste, natural disasters, and more.

Real action

We can only make change when we work together. If each person took action, the results would be enormous. The DuGut Web app will give everyone a chance to contribute to the causes the care about.

Be a part of the solution

By joining our community, you are bringing the future of doing good to life.

Keep in touch

We want to know what you care about most. You'll be more than a member of the community, you'll be a DuGut Ambassador. Help us change the world for the better!

Make a difference

Sharing our Web App with your friends can raise awareness about pressing issues like plastic waste and global warming, as well as give them the chance to take action and make a real difference.

Have a blast

We designed the future of doing good to be fun. We hope you're going to enjoy using our Web App and have fun taking action, completing special challenges with your friends, and more!